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Pledge to the vestry of "Jacob's Church" along Swover Creek in Shenandoah County.

At the time the church was a "Union Church" between what is now St. Jacob's Lutheran Church, which stands in the same area as Jacob's Church, and Christ Reformed…

Envelope and letter written by John Wisman of Woodstock to R.H. Newland of Hamburg Virginia. Dated August 15, 1889.

The letter concerns a construction debt owed by Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock to Newland.

Undated cabinet card photograph labeled "Ella." It was produced by the Irwin Photo Co. of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing a group on the speakers platform at the groundbreaking for Shenandoah Memorial Hospital on November 13, 1949.

Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing a fire engine at Triplett and Vehrencamp. Across the street from where the photograph was taken (not pictured) was a fire at Mrs. Mrs. Harry Hogsett's Beauty Parlor.

Throughout the 20th century,…

Photograph of an unidentified man and woman feeding geese and chickens at a barn. Where photograph was taken is unknown.

Photograph of a steam engine pulling people in a field.

Photograph of two boys posing for the camera at an unknown location. The photograph identifies them as "Fred M____ Neff & G___."

Photograph of two unidentified players of the Blue Bell Bowling Team playing duckpin bowling at Shenandoah Bowling Lanes in Mt. Jackson, Virginia.

Postcard photograph of a boy standing with a banjo. Where the photograph was taken is unknown. The postcard was from Raymond Garber to Lottie Sheetz.

A photograph of six boys posing for the camera. The boys are identified as Bernie Lambert, Paul Fadley, Harley Barton, Guy Emsweller, Earl D., and Earl Hollar.

Photograph of Daniel Sheetz, a First Sergeant of the Stonewall Brigade, which was led by General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.

Daniel Sheetz was part of the 2nd Virginia Infantry, which found most of its members from towns that were north of…

A photograph of students sitting outside Edinburg High School for the May Day celebration. A may pole is seen on the lawn in the foreground.

A photograph taken of an unidentified group in front of a church. The photograph was taken near Hawkinstown, Virginia.

A group of eight unidentified individuals sitting in front of the Orkney Springs Hotel.

A photograph of the storefront of C&R Sales. This store was located on the corner of High Street and N. Main Street in Woodstock, Virginia. Along with providing gas pumps, the store sold radios, car supplies, and batteries.

Photograph of unidentified group standing in front of an unidentified Reformed Church in Woodstock, Virginia.

Photograph of an unidentified band member. He is wearing a cap with "Stonewall" stitched on.

Photograph of The Shirley, which was located in the south end of New Market, Virginia. It was hosted and owned by Mrs. I.W. Miller. The Shirley was advertised as having "modern rooms for tourists" and a "cabin camp with shower bath." Those staying at…

Photograph of high school class in New Market, Virginia.

Back Row, from left to right:
1: Paul Offman
2: --
3: --
4: Mary Horner (Linhoss)
5: --
6: --
7: --
8: --
9: Charles Horner

Front Row, left to right:
1: Gail Bushong

Photograph of Elon Linhoss in front of his pharmacy in New Market, Virginia.

Photograph of the home of Christian Shirley, in New Market, Virginia.

In the late 19th century, many traveled to Orkney Springs to benefit from the health spa. Often, those visitors would stay overnight in Mt. Jackson to break up the long trip.

In 1870, the St. Charles Hotel opened its doors to travelers and locals…

A photograph of Jemima Clark.

Stamp-size photograph of an unidentified young woman.
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