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Photograph of four unidentified Massanutten Military Cadets sitting at a lunch counter in Woodstock Virginia.
Behind them are two unidentified women working the counter.

The photograph is taken from a page in the 1965 "The Adjuant," yearbook of…

Photograph of individuals participating in the play "The Ole Family Album" held at the Edinburg Theater.

This production was held on March 26, 1953 by the Madison District Auxiliary of the Shenandoah County Memorial Hospital. Proceeds were…

Sketch of the Town of Strasburg Virginia and Federal troops dated March 25 1862. It is from an issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Almanac.

The sketch looks south and includes a description of the town and some of its interaction with troops…

Photograph of an unidentified man holding a young child outside.

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Photograph of six men standing and sitting by a car. On the back of the photo, someone has indicated that the picture was taken some time in the 1930s.

The six men are Herschel Keplinger, Irvin Mowery, Charles Prather, Ben Mumaw, James Edward…

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Photograph of Linden Malcolm Winesburg sitting outside.

Mary Ann Williamson wrote about Linden and his family in her book, The History of Edinburg, Virginia. In the book, she notes that the Winesburg family were prominent tinsmithers in Edinburg.…

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Photograph of an unidentified woman standing on the front porch and holding a broom.


Photograph of a young child standing outside with a toy baby carriage. It is unclear what is inside the carriage.

Photograph of a young man.


Photograph of three women with a young girl. The photograph was taken ca. 1914. On the back of the photo, someone identified them as Mary James, Mrs. Brushwood (?), Margaret Virginia, and Mae Agnes Evans.

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Photograph of two unknown men with a young horse right outside a barn. Farm tools are visible in the background. The photograph was taken ca. 1929.

On the back of the photograph, someone wrote the number 4.

Here are two sides of a scrapbook page. The scrapbook was created by Margaret Hoffman during at an unknown date.

Each side of the page has different pictures pasted onto it. All the pictures were clipped from magazines. Margaret added her own…

Photograph showing the "Fort Brick Church" in Fort Valley Virginia. The image is undated. It is located in a photograph album that was maintained by Arlene Strickler.

This church and Trinty Church (pictured in the background) are currently home…

Art object produced by Louis Zeigler of "Ridgley School" for "Edith." The item is undated.

Ridgley School was located in Shenandoah County approximately 1.5 miles east of US Route 11 at the Saumsville Christian Church on what is now Ridgley Road…

Letter from William Tisinger to John Gatewood. Gatewood was editor of the "Sentinel of the Valley," a newspaper published in Woodstock Virginia ca. 1845. The letter appears to reference an article, written by "Tyro," that appeared in the Sentinel at…

Single sheet document produced by Camp Strawderman. It appears to be a type of weekly update broadside. It includes weather forecast, schedules, and other information. It is dated July 6, 1941.

Advertisement for Thomas Manufacturing Company Disc Drills and Grain Drills sold by Snarr and Miley Store in Toms Brook Virginia.

The advertisement is undated, but includes testimonials from individuals dated 1911.

Republican Guide to Voters, 1959. Includes photographs of candidates for local offices and House of Delegates endorsed by the county Republican Party. Election is dated November 3, 1959. It includes hand written returns for each office.
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