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Photograph showing a snowy landscape somewhere in Shenandoah County.

The image is taken from a photograph album related to the Miley family of Toms Brook Virginia.

Half sheet document recording agreement between Isaac Ludwig, teacher, and subscribers supporting the "Oak Grove School" in Hamburg Virginia. Dated 1857.

One side of the document outlines Isaac's responsibilities in maintaining the school,…

Card announcement for the Edinburg High School Class of 1918 Graduation Ceremonies.

Item is two sided and folds into an envelope shape with image 19-0103-003 being the reverse. Card was never posted.

Contains information about the class…

19-0103001 - Copy.jpg
Photograph, taken at an unknown location, showing Barney Miller with a bicycle. A resident of Edinburg Virginia, Barney W. Miller was born September 27, 1886 and died April 19 1935.

Christmas Card sent from Margaret Hupp of Fishers Hill to Zelda Lichliter of Strasburg.

Photograph showing Company A of the 2nd Virginia Volunteer Regiment after returning from service during the Spanish American War. It is dated December 15, 1898 and was taken by Hugh Morrison.

The company consisted primarily of men from Woodstock…

18-1129-001 - Copy.jpg
Photograph labeled "John Paul Williams Farm." Image shows group of individuals in front of a brick house posing with a car and truck. The location of the farm and identities of who is in the picture in unknown.

Four (4) photographs showing the aftermath of a February 14, 1925 fire that destroyed the Triplett High and Vocational School in Mt. Jackson Virginia.

Leaflet advertising the "Edinburg Corporation Ticket" for that town's 1901 election.

Photograph showing the Shenandoah County Alms House. Built in 1829, the house would be destroyed by fire in 2013. Learn more about it at

Photograph showing several unidentified men working with crops and farm equipment in front of a silo and barn.

Photograph showing shocks of wheat in a field somewhere in Shenandoah County Virginia.

Photograph showing four unidentified men and an unidentified boy in front of a large stack of. The location and date of the photograph are unknown.

Photograph showing two unidentified men posing with several pieces of steam powered farm equipment. The location of the picture is unknown.

Photograph showing two men among stalks of corn in a field. Their identities and the date of the photograph is unknown.

Photograph showing two men and a boy among stalks of corn in a field. Their identities and the date of the photograph is unknown.

Photographs (3) showing sheep on an unidentified farm in Shenandoah County. Photographs are dated August 26, 1929.

Photographs showing a groups of farmers/agricultural laborers making hay with horse powered equipment. The photographs are dated August 26 1929.

Photograph showing sets of harnessed horses in a field somewhere in Shenandoah County.

Photographs (2) showing vehicles and people at the Shenandoah Cooperative Farm Bureau building in Mt. Jackson Virginia. This business supplied seeds, equipment, and other supplies to farmers. The building still stands and is today vacant.

Photograph of three unidentified women and an automobile outside Frye's Grocery Store in Mt. Clifton Virginia. The store was operated by Ivan "Wesley" Frye.
Undated photograph showing members of Woodstock Virginia's Mt. Zion Methodist Church in costume for a theatrical production. This historically black congregation was established in 1867. They regularly held plays and other performances during the…
Photograph showing an unidentified house. Frame includes the mark of photograph Hugh Morrison, Harrisonburg VA.
Postcard photograph showing Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock Virginia. Besides the image of this historically black church, the postcard also shows an inset potrait of ites minister W.H. Polk and the segregated African American School in…
Photograph of a photograph showing an unidentified man and woman beside a horse.
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