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Photograph showing the aftermath of a wreck involving a train on the the "Dinky" Railroad which connected Edinburg Virginia with the iron operations at Liberty Furnace. The wreck occured on March 2, 1911 when the railroad trestle crossing Stony Creek…
Envelope featuring an etching of the Camp Roosevelt sign and stamp/emblem celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps founding.

Center Street to Mayor Rau's on Main.
Five photographs showing various portions of Edinburg Virginia following a snow story. The pictures are dated April 11, 1918. They include images of the Cedar Hill Academy, Piccadilly Street, Main Street, and Center Street. All were taken by an…

Letter sent from the Virginia Department of Agriculture, Division of Markets, to Fred C. Didawick of the Edinburg Hatchery outlining test results conducted for the Bacillary White Diarrhea disease among the hatchery's chickens. The results announced…
Postcard with a picture of Edinburg Virginia.
Color postcard with a photograph of Edinburg Virginia.
Postcard showing a picture of Edinburg Virginia and description of its history.
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing Orville Levi. "Buddy Painter (1923-2010) and his wife Phyllis Lorraine Hoffman Painter (1930-2011) with punch at their wedding reception. It was held at The Spot located along the Shenandoah River…
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing Camp Strawderman, an all girls summer camp located near Columbia Furnace Virginia, west of Edinburg.
Color postcard with a picture of the swimming pool at the Cave Spring resort and description of the resort.
Color postcard with a photograph of houses along Center Street in Edinburg Virginia.

Certificate issued to Franklin J. Walters certifying that is has completed a period of training and active service in the United States Navy during World War Two.
Postcard with a photograph of the cliffs at Lantz Mills located near Edinburg Virginia.

Counterfeit 1928 series $5 United States Note contained in the collection of the Hugh Saum Hardware Store of Edinburg Virginia. Marked by the National Bank of Woodstock.

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Report of an extraordinary amount of snow and extremely frigid temperatures that occurred in Shenandoah County in December of 1880. The author is unknown, but it was kept by the Saum family of Edinburg Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of East Main Street in Edinburg Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of downtown Edinburg Virginia and a greeting by the Edinburg Chamber of Commerce.

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Photograph showing the Edinburg Baseball Team in 1949. Pictured from left to right are:

First row: Bat Boy Donald "Doc" Steadman and dog

Second row: Cocky Rinker, Bud Moomaw, Pod Orndorff, Joe Swartz, Teddy Fleming, Glenn "Jiggs"…

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Photograph showing two volunteers stocking shelves at the Edinburg Community Library, ca. 1980. At the time the library was located in the former Irvin Building on what is now Piccadilly Street.

Leaflet advertising the "Edinburg Corporation Ticket" for that town's 1901 election.
Postcard showing a picture of the Edinburg Volunteer Fire Company's building on Main Street in Edinburg Virginia. Printed to main as part of a fund drive campaign.

Edinburg Fire Company "Soiree Minstrels" show held on April 3rd and 4th 1931. Show directed by Stanley Murray and Mrs. George W. Ring Jr. Photograph taken by Hugh Morrison of Woodstock Virginia. The show was held in the Edinburg Theater.

Fire has always been a threat to any town in America. Edinburg is not immune. This photograph shows the downtown area after it had been ravaged by a destructive fire in December of 1895. The conflagration destroyed six homes, the Edinburg Sentinel…
Color postcard with a picture of the "Edinburg Gap" in the Massanutten Mountain located near Edinburg Virginia.
Postcard showing a photograph of the Edinburg Grade School in Edinburg Virginia. The building is no longer standing.
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