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Portrait of Phyllis Long Hughes as a young woman. She is standing in the studio and wearing a marching band uniform.

Phyllis was a lifelong resident of Mt. Jackson. Her parents were Homer Allen (1886-1968) and Margaret Alice (Barton) (1887-1970)…
Damaged image of Ripley Guy Long. He grew up in Woodstock, the son of Levi and Della M. Long.

When he registered for the WWII draft, he worked for F.S. Tavenner, who owned an orchard.

Ten years later, the 1950 census found him married to Ruth…
Portrait of Francis Douglas French and his older sister, Emma E. (French) Randel. Their parents were Warren Ballenger and Lena (Sheetz) French. Other siblings (not pictured) included Warren B. Jr., Millson, Orrin, Ellen, Lena, and Sally.

Portrait of Irving “Swifty” Fravel as a young man wearing a suit and tie.

Swifty Fravel was born in St. Luke near Woodstock to Clarence Cleveland (1886-1947) and Beulah Catherine (Kern) (1885-1973) Fravel, a farming couple.

When he registered…
Carl Washington Fleming and his wife, Madelyn (Long) Fleming shown standing together in front of a porch.

Carl was the son of George W. and Bertie A. (Hawkins) Fleming. Madelyn was the daughter of Frank A. and Margaret G. Long.

They married in…
Photograph of Fannie Luella (Long) Coffman seated on a chair in the studio.

Fannie was born in the Conicville area of Shenandoah County. The specific place noted on her birth registration was “near Cabin Hill”. Her parents were John Jackson…
George C. Reynolds, seated with his family. His daughter, Thelma, is at the bottom of the image. His son, Merle, is on the lap of his wife, Gertrude A. Long Reynolds.
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