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Photograph of Roy A. Rinker and his wife, Elma (Tamkin) Rinker, posed together.

They were from Fort Valley and married in April 1922.
Portrait of Ray Boyer in his military uniform with his wife, Fleta (Tampkin) Boyer, beside him.

During the Second World War he served in the 9th Armored Division and she worked at a torpedo plant in Alexandria Virginia.
Portrait of Fay (Tamkin) Coates as a young woman wearing pearls and a flower in her short hair.

Fay was born in Fort Valley to Edwin Tamkin and Marybell (Ritenour) Tamkin.

She married Harold J. Coates and had a daughter, Pamela (Coates)…
Portrait of William Tamkin, long-time resident of Fort Valley. His parents were John and Catherine Virginia (Spitzer) Tamkin. He had a sister, Josephine, and a brother, James.

In April 1885, Mr. Tamkin married Mary Ellen Brill (1866-1908) and had…
Portrait of Edna V. (Hoover) Tamkin as a young woman.

Edna and her husband are most remembered as the former owners of Artz Hardware on W. King Street in Strasburg.

Edna was born in Woodstock, to Charles Luther (1866-1942) and Sarah Catherine…
Portrait of Mr. Ray Tamkin and Mrs. Edna Hoover Tamkin posed in studio. Ray and Edna Tamkin are most remembered as the former owners of Artz Hardware on W. King Street in Strasburg.

Raymon “Ray” Walter Tamkin was the son of William (1859-1954)…
Portrait of Fay (Tamkin) Coates from Fort Valley as a young woman and wearing a lovely white dress.
Portrait of Edwin Mckinley Tamkin and his wife, Marybell Frances (Ritenour) Tamkin when they were young.

Edwin was the son of William (1859-1954) and Mary Ella (Brill) (1866-1908) Tamkin. Marybell was the daughter of William Franklin and Ida…
Photo of a photo of Mazie Tamkin Cullers.

Photograph showing Guy Tamkin, Nellie Riffey Tamkin, Carl W. Tamkin, and Essie Riffey Tamkin soon after the double marriage ceremony for the two brothers and two sisters.

The couples were married on October 25, 1922 in the District of Columbia in…
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