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Photograph of Carl E. Feller, Sr. a lifelong Maurertown resident, with his son, Carl Edward Jr., and his wife, Maudie (Brill) Feller, beside him.

Carl’s parents were Charles William and Lucy Catherine (Fravel) Feller. When he registered for the…
Portrait of brothers Carl and Robert Linaweaver as young boys. Carl is pictured sitting on a chair with Robert standing beside him.

Their parents were Lawrence L. (1903-1962) and Essie Marie (Brill) (1904-1963) Linaweaver (although some records…
Portrait of two brothers: Carl Eugene Linaweaver on the left, and Robert L. Linaweaver on the right. Carl was in the Navy while Robert was a paratrooper in the Airborne division of the Army.

Their parents were Laurence and Essie (Brill)…
Portrait of Carl Eugene Linaweaver (1926 - 1968) wearing his U.S. Navy uniform. Carl was born in Woodstock, the son of Lawrence and Essie (Brill) Linaweaver. He had a brother, Robert L., and a sister, Louise.

When he registered for the WWII draft,…
Portrait of Maude Odeal (Golladay) Sheetz with her hair pulled back.

Maude was the daughter of George Russell (1871-1940) and Theresa Benton (Brill) (1869-1896) Golladay.

Her husband was Oscar Sheetz (1886-1951). The couple lived in Woodstock.
Portrait of Marie Williams, wife of Sandy Scott Williams, of Strasburg. She was born on February 20, 1907 and lived to be 100 years old. She led a life filled with community service including fifteen years on the Strasburg Town Council, 58 years as a…
Portrait of Neva Viola (Brill) Clem as a young woman.

She was born in Lebanon Church, the daughter of Howard Walton (1869-1947) and Annie Virginia (Wilkins) (1878-1957) Brill.

Neva waitressed at the Virginia Restaurant in Strasburg for many…
Portrait of Nina Virginia (Brill) Ramsey as a young woman.

She was born in Lebanon Church, the daughter of the Howard Walton (1869-1947) and Annie Virginia (Wilkins) (1878-1957) Brill.
Portrait of Harry "Brillo" Brill as a young man.

Harry was the son of Howard Walton (1869-1947) and Anna Virginia (Wilkins) (1878-1957) Brill.

He is best remembered for having managed "Brill's Grocery Store" on King Street in Strasburg.
Photograph of Neva Viola Brill and her younger sister, Nina Virginia Brill. Both girls were born in Lebanon Church, the daughters of Howard Walton (1869-1947) and Annie Virginia (Wilkins) (1878-1957) Brill.

Neva waitressed at the Virginia…
Photograph of Martha (Williams) Brill dressed for a school play called "Tom Thumb Wedding" that was held at Strasburg Elementary School.

Martha was one of seven children born to Sandy Scott Williams (1897-1985) and his wife, Marie Beatrice (Smith)…
Portrait of Frances Jones as a young woman. She later married Earl Brill.
Photograph of Frances P. (Hamman) Brill, seated, and holding her daughter, Joyce Irene. Her young son, Berlin Bennett Brill is standing beside them.

Frances married Harry "Brillo" Brill and they owned and operated Brill's Grocery Store on King…
Portrait of Edwin Mckinley Tamkin and his wife, Marybell Frances (Ritenour) Tamkin when they were young.

Edwin was the son of William (1859-1954) and Mary Ella (Brill) (1866-1908) Tamkin. Marybell was the daughter of William Franklin and Ida…
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