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The name, "A.L. Hottle" and the word, "father", are written on the glass plate of this image of a young boy standing beside a chair.
The name, "Hottle", is written on the glass plate of this image of a woman wearing a jacket over a blouse.
Photo of a framed photograph of Anna Catherine Miller (1927-1993) wearing a graduation cap and gown. She was the daughter of Charles Lester Miller and Stella Alice Wetzel Miller Bradford. She married Eugene W. Hassler, Jr. and their children were:…
Photograph of the baptismal certificate of Hattie May Hottle, born in Shenandoah County on August 23, 1907 to William Henry Hottle and Virginia Sager Hottle. The baptism took place on April 18, 1916 and the sponsors were Hattie's father and Pastor D.…
Portrait of Billy Hottle as a young man posed in studio shown in profile.

Billy was the postmaster of Toms Brook and was married to Mary Virginia (Miller) Hottle in 1947.
Portrait of Billy Hottle as a young man posed in studio wearing a suit and tie.

Billy was the postmaster of Toms Brook and was married to Mary Virginia (Miller) Hottle in 1947.
Portrait of Billy Hottle as a young man.

Billy was the Postmaster in Toms Brook.
Clarence Hottle Larkin, nicknamed "Jimmy", was born on May 11, 1892 and died August 21, 1956. He lived in Columbia Furnace, and had a younger brother named Robert Larkin.
Pictured l to r: Edward Hottle, Mate Clem Lemaster, Margaret Clem Tysinger, and Jacob Brian Clem.
Portrait of Drucilla Hottel Wetzel wearing a print dress and glasses.
Portrait of Duruss Hottle.

At the time of this photograph Duruss Hottle was a member of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors.
Pictured (l to r) are: Margaret Clem Fadely Tysinger, Edward Hottle, and Mate Clem Lemaster. Edward Hottle was the girls' grandfather.
Photo of a school photograph from 1929 of Emmet E. Sweeney.

His parents were Charles Milton and Flora Bell (Wisman) Sweeney, a farming couple near Woodstock.

He married Kathleen Dean (Hottle) Sweeney.
Portrait of Eva Crabill as a young woman. Her parents were Luther Frank (1880-1969) and Grace Marie (Hottel) (1892-1974) Crabill.

She married Frank Robert Reid in 1968 in Arlington, Virginia, and divorced in 2000.
Photograph of Evelyn (Hottle) Kronk (left) and her older sister, Charlotte (Hottle) Rinker (standing on right), when they were children.

The name, "J.E. Hottle", is written on the glass plate.
Family portrait of four generations of the Hottle family.

Seated on the right is Bertha Vonhilra (Stump) Hottle, wife of Walter Monroe Hottle (1880-1962). Betha's daughter, Golda Mae Wisman, is seated beside her. Her granddaughter, Louise…
Photograph of a group of young women dressed in ballet dance costumes. Identified are: (Back row, l to r) ?, Helen Rush, Mildred Saum, Violet Miller, ?, ?; (Front row, l to r) ?, Ruth Rice, Estaline Funk, ?, ?, Nora Hottle.
Portrait of Gladys Hottle Fravel as a young woman.

Gladys was the daughter of John Franklin (1868-1941), a farmer, and Cora Virginia (Wisman) Hottel (1873-1959).

She married John David Fravel (1887-1950) in Woodstock in June 1921. He was, the…
Billy Hottle (seated with legs crossed), Jenny Lind (Hottle) Troutman, and older Ralph Hottle (standing on the right).

The children grew up in Toms Brook. Their parents were Monnie Myrtle Miley Hottle and Lawrence Hottle.
Photograph of a very large group gathering for the Hottle-Keller Memorial Association on August 23, 1934. The group of unidentified individuals are gathered outdoors for this photograph.
Portrait of Ira Maynard Hottle wearing a jacket and tie.

Ira was from Columbia Furnace, near Edinburg. His parents were Joseph Manassas (1867-1931) and Hattie Arbulla (Emswiller) (1869-1946) Hottle. He was one of at least seven children.

Damaged image of the birth certificate for Irwin Ellsworth Keller in Shenandoah County.

Irwin was born in Woodstock, the son of Davenport (1874-1932) and Pearl Rebecca (Hottle) (1885-1959) Keller.

He entered military service during WWII and…
Portrait of Jacob Earl Hottle and his bride, Margaret Mae Stoneburner, The image has been identified as being the couple's wedding picture.
Portrait of Kathleen Hottle Sweeney. She was the daughter of Bill and Kate Hottle and the wife of Emmett Sweeney.
Loy E. Hottle, seated, with his wife, Virginia "Virgie" C. (Gochenour) Hottle, standing beside him. Their son, Irving Hottle, is standing in front of both of them.

The name, "Hottel", is written on the glass negative.
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