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Photograph of Davis L. Seal, son of William Otha Seal and Lula Blanche (Henry) Seal. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps.
Photograph of Harold Morrison, Sr., wearing his U.S. Marines uniform.
Portrait of George Morrison, Sr. on the left, and his brother, Harold Morrison, Sr. in their uniforms. George was a VMI cadet and Harold was a U.S. Marine.
Photograph of Harold Morrison, Sr., in his U.S. Marines uniform. He founded the Woodstock Garage.
Photo of a photo of two images of the same unidentified man wearing a U.S. Marines uniform.
Harold Morrison, Sr., from Woodstock, shown here in his U.S. Marine Corps uniform.
Heavily damaged image of the U.S. Marine Corps' letter notifying the family of Private Joseph Luther Burner that he was killed in action. From the legible words on the image, it appears his service in WWII was in the Pacific theatre.

Photograph taken by Hugh Morrison showing Laco "Peck" Dellinger, a Shenandoah County resident who served in the US Marine Corps during World War Two.

On April 13, 1945 Corporal Aiden Zirkle died on Okinawa. He was a member of Company E, Second Battalion, Seventh Regiment, First Marine Division. Reports indicate he succumbed to wounds obtained while leading his unit against an entrenched machineā€¦
Postcard showing a reenactment of the Battle of New Market by US Marines and Virginia Military Institute Cadets on September 20 1923. Includes a description of the battle and note that the re-enactment attracted 150,000 spectators. .
Postcard showing United States Marine encampment on the Cedar Creek Battlefield in 1924. It includes a description of the encampment and the maneuvers of the 1st Marine Brigade that year.
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