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Photograph of Alvin “Buddy” Leslie Lucas as a teenager, in glasses and wearing a cardigan over his shirt and tie.

Buddy was born in Saumsville, to Ezra Lee (1878-1958) and Susie V. (Seal) (1891-1976) Lucas. His father farmed and had been married…
Left to right: Helen (Seal) Ambrose, Charles W. "Dickle" Seal, and Harold L. Seal, Sr. pictured as young children.

The three were the children of Otis Lynden (1907-1982) and Daisy M. (Clem) (1913-1983) Seal. They grew up in the Woodstock area of…
Portrait of Helen Seal as a young woman.

Helen Seal was the daughter of Otis L. and Daisy M. Seal. She had two brothers, Harold and Charles. She grew up in Woodstock and the 1950 census found her there as a 19-year old “office worker” still…
This photograph of Ellen Hockman Dellinger was taken for the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival's beauty contest.

Mrs. Dellinger was born February 11, 1934 in Linden, Virginia. She was the daughter of the late Jesse Hockman Sr. and Freda (Seal)…
Photograph of Davis L. Seal, son of William Otha Seal and Lula Blanche (Henry) Seal. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps.
Photo of a photo of Charles Edward Seal (1889-1956) and his first wife, Virginia Winifred Henry Seal (1891-1941). The couple married in 1910. Charles was the son of Carl and Nannie Presgraves Seal. Vergie was the daughter of Stephen and Rebecca Lucas…
Studio portrait of Linda Seal Mason as a little girl. As of 2022, Linda lives in Maurertown and was born in 1942.
Photo of a photograph of William Otto Seal, son of Virgil D. and Bernice (George) Seal. William Seal was wounded at Normandy during WWII.
Portrait of William "Billy" Otto Seal in his U.S. Army uniform. He was the son of Virgil D. and Bernice (George) Seal. Billy was wounded at Normandy in WWII.
Photograph of William O. "Billy" Seal seated on a stool.
Portrait of William Otto Seal with his wife, Christena E. (Bowers) Seal.

William was the son of Virgil and Bernice (George ) Seal. Christena was the daughter of John Medgar and Myrtle Marie (Heishman) Bowers.

They are both buried in Woodstock.
Portrait of Bill Seal in his U.S. Army uniform. He was the son of Virgil David (1901-1990) and Bernice Catherine (George) (1901-1980) Seal.
Photograph of Virginia Seal Hollar as a young woman. She was the daughter of William Otha (1883-1969) and Lula (Henry) (1884-1943) Seal. Her husband was A. Russell Hollar.
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