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Portrait of Robert Funkhouser as a young man.

Robert was born in Jerome, Shenandoah County, to Amos (1842-1909) and Sarah Elizabeth (Miller) Funkhouser. His father farmed.

As a young man, Robert moved to Washington D.C. where he worked as a…
Portrait of Lloyd Irwin Miller wearing a suit and tie.

Lloyd was born in Columbia Furnace, oldest son of Thomas Jefferson and Mary (Irwin) Miller. Lloyd had many siblings, mostly brothers. They grew up on a farm in Fisher’s Hill near Strasburg.…
Portrait of Bertie May Carrier Rhinehart holding her very young daughter, Virginia M. Rhinehart Rutz.

Bertie was the daughter of Samuel V. (1851-1930) and Virginia Lind (Miller) (1857-1917) Carrier. She married George Rolle Rhinehart (1874-1945)…
Photograph of a newspaper picture of the Reverend Peter Miller who was a Pastor from 1871 to 1879 in Shenandoah County.
Reba Miller Mingo wearing a sheep pin on her breast pocket. She lived at 112 S. Lee Street in Woodstock.
Left to right: Lizzie Funkhouser (later, Miller), Robbie Fletcher (later, Mumaw), and Fanny Ryman (later, Delawder). These three women from the Conicville area. Lizzie later went to work in Washington in April 1924.
The name, "Owen Zirkle", was written at the bottom of the glass plate of this image.

We believe the boy pictured was actually the son of Owen Nathaniel and Audrey Adeline (Miller) Zirkle from New Market. His name was Lew Arden Zirkle.

Portrait of Ruth Miller as a child.
Photograph of Charles Adam Ritenour, on the left, with his older brother, Clyde Wayne Ritenour, on the right. They were the children of Clyde Maynard (1906-1968) and Isabel (Clem) (1906-1988) Ritenour. They grew up in Fort Valley.

Charles Adam was…
Photograph of (l to r) Patsy Kay Miller with her sister, Shirley Ann Miller. The image was made when the girls were young, probably in the early 1940s. Their parents were Archie S. and Anna Belle (Mumaw) Miller. The sisters were the oldest of four…
Portrait of Dick Miller as a toddler. His father was Dr. Harold Miller, Sr., who practiced family medicine.
Photograph of Lizzie Funkhouser Miller perched on a rail fence outside.
Archie M. Miller was born on September 16, 1926 at Riles Run, close to Conicville, and died on October 7, 1980. His parents were Sheridan Miller and Lizzie Funkhouser. His mother brought him to the studio for this portrait to be done when he was six…
Mildred Margaret Miller at about two years old. Her parents were Benjamin Harrison Miller and Pearl Ellen Hottel Miller.
Mildred Margaret Miller at about 2 years old. Her parents were Benjamin Harrison Miller and Pearl Ellen Hottel.
Portrait of Raymond Miller, who was a photographer in Edinburg.
Harding Miller shown in his U.S. Army uniform. Insignia on his sleeve indicates he served in the 22nd Armored Division.
Harding Miller in his U.S. Army uniform.
Image of the Magruder Home located on W. Court Street in Woodstock. The home was adjacent to the Morrison Photographic Studio. It later became the Miller Nursing Home for a time. As of 2022, the building is the Allen & Allen Law Office.
Portrait of Virginia Hottle, as a young woman. Her husband was Billy Lewin Hottle who died in the 1980s. Her parents were Joseph Russell and Mary Virginia Hoshour Miller. She was born in 1920 and died in 2001. She is buried in Toms Brook, where she…
Photograph of the U.S. Army Honorable Discharge form for Woodrow W. Miller, born on November 6, 1916 and living in Maurertown. He served as a combat infantryman during WWII and fought in the European, African, and Middle Eastern Theatres earning a…
Photograph of a U.S. Army Honorable Discharge certificate for Technical Sergeant Woodrow W. Miller who served in the infantry. The certificate was awarded at the Percy Jones Hospital in Fort Custer, Michigan on January 18, 1947.
Photograph of the certificate used to discharge Private Willard F. Miller from his U.S. Army service. Private Miller served with Battery "C" in the 665th Field Artillery Battalion. His certificate was presented to him in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina on…
Portrait of Virginia Miller.
Portrait of Helen Dysart Miller as a young woman.
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