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Photograph of the Plauger family of Fort Valley. From left to right: Franklin, his father, Paul Franklin, his mother, Evelyn (McClanahan), and his younger brother, Charles.

Paul Franklin was the son of Charles Franklin (1877-1953) and Grace Mae…
Portrait of Charles Franklin Plauger, of Fort Valley. His wife was Grace Mae Munch.
John A. Plauger wearing his U.S. Navy uniform. John married Gertrude Clem.
Photo of a framed photograph of Paul Franklin Plauger, and his wife, Evelyn (McClanahan) Plauger, when they were young.

Paul Franklin was the son of Charles Franklin (1877-1953) and Grace Mae (Munch) (1885-1956) Plauger. Evelyn O. McClanahan was…
Photograph of Joycie (Grandstaff) Peer Wilkins, with her arms folded, beside Mary (Webster) Ryman.

Joycie was the daughter of James Booten and Mildred (Cook) Grandstaff. She grew up with at least four siblings.

She married Roy Lee Peer…
Photo of a photograph of William "Billy" Erasmeth Plauger, seated, and his wife, Amanda Leah (McInturff) Plauger standing beside him.

Billy Plauger was from Fort Valley, one of three sons born to Joseph Franklin (1839-1931) and Catherine (Peters)…
Portrait of James Plauger.
Alton Plauger was the son of William and Amanda Plauger.
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