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Photo of a framed school photograph of Dorothy Frances (Good) Gochenour from the 1940-1941 academic year, probably her senior year of high school.

Dorothy was born in Maurertown, to William Joseph and Ruth Emma (Coffman) Good, a farming family. In…
Photograph of Gladys Isabel (Good) Ellis with her two children, son, Walter William and daughter Alma.

Gladys was the daughter of Walter R. and Lillie E. (Rau) Good. She lived in Strasburg when she married William Machir Ellis (1911-1974) in 1934.…
Portrait of Jacob Warren Good as a young man.
Portrait of Sadie (Good) Christian.
The name, "Frank Good" is written on the glass plate of this image of a man wearing a suit.
Photograph of Alma Ellis and her big brother, Walter William "Billy" Ellis.

Their parents were Machir and Gladys (Good) Ellis. Their home was on West North Street in Woodstock, but is no longer standing.
The name, "Phillips", is written on the glass plate of this image of two young children posed together.

After further research, we believe these are the two oldest children of Charles Harry (1902-1972) and Florence Lorraine (Mumaw) (1904-1989)…
Portrait of Betty (Cook) Good seated in a chair and holding a toddler, probably hers, on her lap.
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