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Photographic postcard labeled "Guy Wolverton Saumsville Va." The card is undated.

The subject is most likely Guy Spiker Wolverton, born June 9 1896 and died August 23 1984. He was married to Bertha Link and they had two daughters, Betty and…
Photograph of Elsie V. (Barbe) Conner seated beside blooming daisies at the Hottel home place in Mt. Olive, Virginia.

Elsie was born in Fishers Hill, near Strasburg, to Moses Walton (1878-1944) and Lillie Ann (Hamman) (1878-1926) Barbe. She was…
Photograph of Olive Catherine (Stultz) Fravel seated on a bench and holding her infant son, Linden Alton Fravel.

Olive was the daughter of Abbot Luther (1859-1922) and Minerva Francis (Wolverton) (1863-1947) Stultz.

She married William Dallas…
Portrait of Olive Catherine (Stultz) Fravel as a young woman.

Olive was the daughter of Abbot Luther (1859-1922) and Minerva Francis (Wolverton) (1863-1947) Stultz.

She married William Dallas Fravel (1888-1962) in 1911. Together, they had a…
Portrait of Jeannine Wolverton as a young woman. From Woodstock, she was the daughter of Guy S. and Bertha (Link) Wolverton.

She married Ted Paul Fleming (1927-2006) and had at least two children.
Portrait of Charlotte Marie Wolverton Snyder as a young woman. Charlotte was the daughter of Guy S. and Bertha (Link) Wolverton from Woodstock.

She married Charles Bemis Snyder (1920-2005).
Portrait of the Snyder family posed in studio.

Pictured left to right: Charles Snyder, Cindy Snyder, and Charlotte Wolverton Snyder.
Portrait of Earl Wolverton as a young man in his U.S. Army uniform.
Portrait of William Harry Wilkins, Jr., as a young man.

He grew up on a farm on Back Road in the Stonewall District of Shenandoah County. His parents were William Harry Sr. (1884-1979) and Hester Edna Kavanaugh (or Cavinall) (1888-1962) Wilkins.…
Portrait of Jeannine Wolverton Fleming as a young woman. She had a sister named Betty Wolverton.
Portrait of Vivian Roscoe Mumaw in his U.S. Army uniform.

He was the son of John Franklin and Mamie (Wolverton) Mumaw and had two sisters and two brothers. He married Hilda Mae Foltz (1925-1999). Both he and his wife died in Maryland but were…
Portrait of Jean Louise Wolverton as a young woman. She married William David Hollar.
Portrait of Heber L. Wolverton wearing a suit and tie.

Heber was born near Saumsville, the son of John W. (1870-1966) and Maggie Elizabeth (Spiker) (1867-1945) Wolverton. He grew up on his family’s farm and both the 1910 and 1920 censuses found…
Photograph of Rena May Keller Wolverton taken in about 1911.
Ethel Stultz was the daughter of Luther Abbott Stultz and Minerva Wolverton, both from St. Luke, Virginia. She married Earl Hoover.
Portrait of Edna Stultz Oliver when she was young. Her parents were Luther Abbott (1859-1922) and Minerva Frances (Wolverton) (1863-1947) Stultz.

She married George Thomas Oliver (1875-1964) and by the 1920 census, the couple had been married…
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