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Portrait of brothers Carl and Robert Linaweaver as young boys. Carl is pictured sitting on a chair with Robert standing beside him.

Their parents were Lawrence L. (1903-1962) and Essie Marie (Brill) (1904-1963) Linaweaver (although some records…
Portrait of Mazie and Ben Lambert standing behind their mother, Mrs. Annie Belle (Didawick) Lambert.

Annie Belle was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Barbara M. (Holtzman) Didawick. She married Kirby Daniel Lambert (1876-1931) and had two…
Photograph of Jack Cameron Lambert with his young daughter, Jackie, and his wife, Nancy (Hite) Lambert.

Jack was born in Woodstock to Clarence Edward (1894-1968) and Emma Lou (Jennings) (1892-1979) Lambert. Nancy Hite was born in Marion, West…
Portrait of Alfred Holsinger as a young man.

Alfred Holsinger was born in Timberville, Rockingham County, the third child of John L. (1885-1976) and Anna Mary (Yates) (1887-1966) Holsinger.

He married Bessie Irene Lambert (1918-2002) in…
Fannie Lambert wearing a long gown and an ornament in her hair.

She was the daughter of Kearny Lambert and the sister of Roger Lambert.
Fannie Lambert as a young woman wearing a string of faux pearls and a flower in her hair.
Portrait of Helen Lambert wearing a jeweled pin on the lapel of her jacket.
Barbara (left) and Katherine "Kitty" (right) Miller as young girls. Their parents were Joanna "Joan" F. (Sherman) and Marshall Leon Miller. Barbara's married name was Lambert and Kitty's was Young. Barbara lived from 1936 to 2018. She was a graduate…
Portrait of Joanna "Joan" F. Sherman Miller with a bow in her hair. Part of another image is visible at the bottom. Mrs. Miller was the wife of Marshall Leon Miller. They had two daughters, Katherine (Kitty) Miller Young and Barbara Miller Lambert.
Family photograph of Ches Lambert, seated, with his wife, Evelyn (Eckard) Lambert beside him and their oldest son, Jerry Franklin, on her lap. Another son, Wayne A. “Butch” Lambert, and a daughter, Bonnie Jo Lambert, were born after this photograph…
Photograph of Fannie Lambert as a young woman.

She was the daughter of Kearny Lambert and the sister of Roger Lambert.
Portrait of Sgt. Lawrence Lambert, of Woodstock, in his U.S. Army uniform.

Lawrence was the son of Joseph Fletcher Lambert (1889-1959) and Mamie Pearl (Jackson) Lambert (1890-1959). He grew up in Woodstock with many siblings.

He served in the…
Charles H. Thorpe, Jr. and his sister, Clara V. Thorpe, as children. Their parents were Charles H. Thorpe, Sr. and Ethel Irene Lambert of Mt. Jackson, Virginia.
Portrait of Louise Lambert Garman as a young woman.
The name, "Lambert" is written on the glass plate of this graduation portrait of a young woman.
Family portrait of (l to r): Jerry Franklin Lambert, his father, William Chesley Lambert, Wayne "Butch" Lambert, and Evelyn Pauline (Eckard) Lambert on the right.
Portrait of Dora Isabel Richman Lambert as a young woman.

Dora Isabel Richman grew up in Maurertown, daughter of the late Walter Elliott (1904-1977) and Lucy Virginia (Richard) (1904-1975) Richmond.

She was a graduate of Woodstock High School.…
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