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Broadside for the "Public Sale of Personal Property" from the estate of "Mrs P.C. Holler" (Letitia Bell Hollar) to be held on June 16 1951 at her home in Edinburg Virginia.

The auction was conducted by auctioneer Charles Goltz under the direction…
Portrait of Katie Virginia (Bushong) Shrum as a young woman.

Katie was the daughter of Aaron Allen (1863-1935) and Rebecca (Bauserman) (1858-1934) Bushong. In the 1900 census, she and her parents lived at her mother’s family’s home in the Davis…
Portrait of Trilby Hollar as a young woman.

Trilby was the daughter of Cecil E. & Winnona Louise (Lantz) Hollar. She grew up in Lantz Mills. In 1955, she married Robert E. Daggett (1929-1996).

She was a majorette in High School and with the…
Photograph of Virginia Seal Hollar as a young woman. She was the daughter of William Otha (1883-1969) and Lula (Henry) (1884-1943) Seal. Her husband was A. Russell Hollar.
L to R: Virgie Catherine Tisinger Lantz (1883-1969) pictured with her husband, William Warren Lantz (1877-1947), and their daughter, Winona Lantz Hollar. Winona Lantz married Cecil Hollar. Virgie Tisinger was the daughter of Robert Tisinger, who was…
Photograph of cousins, Ellen Hockman (left) and Barbara Hollar (right).

The girls were the niece and daughter of Virginia "Gin" (Seal) Hollar and Aden Russell Hollar.
Portrait of Sgt. Lawrence Lambert, of Woodstock, in his U.S. Army uniform.

Lawrence was the son of Joseph Fletcher Lambert (1889-1959) and Mamie Pearl (Jackson) Lambert (1890-1959). He grew up in Woodstock with many siblings.

He served in the…
Portrait of Jean Louise Wolverton as a young woman. She married William David Hollar.
Marriage certificate for Melvin L. Hollar from Toms Brook and Audrey M. Hamilton from Mt. Jackson dated October 18, 1948 in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Photograph of (l to r) Ellen Hockman Dellinger and Barbara Hollar Gallant as young women. Both are wearing long dresses and corsages.
Photograph of Ellen Hockman Dellinger (left) and Barbara Hollar Gallant (right) as young women. Both are dressed up and are wearing corsages.
Portrait of Louise Virginia (Hollar) Crabill as a young woman.

She was the daughter of Edward R. and Lucy A. (Rhinehart) Hollar.

Her husband was Joseph B. Crabill, Sr.
Portrait of a Jessie Estep Sellers taken in front of the Shenvalee Hotel in New Market. The photograph was taken at the time of her 1929 graduation from New Market High School.

Jessie married Everett Sellers and together they had a daughter, Mary…
Portrait of two brothers: Carl Eugene Linaweaver on the left, and Robert L. Linaweaver on the right. Carl was in the Navy while Robert was a paratrooper in the Airborne division of the Army.

Their parents were Laurence and Essie (Brill)…
Portrait of Anna Mae (Hollar) Bowman Dellinger as a young woman with a flower in her hair.

Anna Mae was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but moved to Shenandoah County as a young child. Her parents were Aden Albert Hollar and Catherine Rebecca…
Photograph of Barbara Hollar as a young woman. Barbara was the daughter of Russell and Virginia Hollar. She grew up in Shenandoah County, and later majored in History at Radford College, graduating in 1958.

She met her future husband while they…
This photograph of Ellen Hockman Dellinger was taken for the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival's beauty contest.

Mrs. Dellinger was born February 11, 1934 in Linden, Virginia. She was the daughter of the late Jesse Hockman Sr. and Freda (Seal)…
Ellen (Hockman) Dellinger, pictured as a young woman in a formal dress.

Mrs. Dellinger was born in Linden, the daughter of Jesse Hockman Sr. and Freda Hockman. She was raised by her aunt and uncle, Virginia and Russell Hollar.

She was married…
Portrait of Tribly Hollar wearing faux pearls and glasses.

Trilby was the daughter of Cecil E. & Winnona Louise (Lantz) Hollar. She grew up in Lantz Mills. In 1955, she married Robert E. Daggett (1929-1996).

She was a majorette in High School…
Portrait of Sarah Maranda (Hollar) Riffey later in life.

Sarah was born in Lantz Mills to Johannes Peter Hollar (1814-1886) and Sarah Ann Stover (1814-1886). She married William Harvey Riffey, a farmer and Confederate Veteran, in 1864.…
Portrait of William Harvey Riffey, Confederate Veteran and farmer, from the Woodstock area of the county. His parents were George and Polly (Book) Riffey. He married Sarah (Hollar) Riffey and had many children.

During the Civil War, William H.…
Photograph of Chester Wright Riffee and his younger sister, Katherine Virginia, as young children. They were the two oldest children of George Henry (1867-1952) and Wilda M. (Boehm) (1877-1939) Riffee.

Chester married Stella Ellen (Ryman)…
Portrait of Mazie and Ben Lambert standing behind their mother, Mrs. Annie Belle (Didawick) Lambert.

Annie Belle was the daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Barbara M. (Holtzman) Didawick. She married Kirby Daniel Lambert (1876-1931) and had two…
Stanley Hollar shown with his family, his wife, Dora (Hottel) Hollar and their daughter, Elsie Hollar.

The name, "Hollar", is written on the glass plate.
Elsie Hollar as a baby and seated on a chair covered with a patterned blanket.

Elsie was the oldest child of Stanley and Dora (Hottel) Hollar.
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